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Hydra Arc NOSA 5 Star Achievement

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There’s no one “right” way to assess the effectiveness of workplace safety programs. OSHA citations, days away from work, and employee complaints all reflect elements of a company’s culture of safety. Yet safety audits approach the challenge of worker well-being from different angles and examine whether programs and strategies are meeting a company’s goals.

Risk Exposure
An audit can be a minor, internal reflection of current practices, or a full scale, guns blazing analysis of every business process currently in place. An audit will throw up possibilities, early warning signs and even scenarios that can be identified as happening in real-time. The potential for the snowball effect needs to be caught as soon as possible and hence Hydra-Arc embraces the involvement of companies such as NOSA and NQA to enable Hydra-Arc to stay on track on our quest to Zero Harm

The NOSA Five Star System Standard Specification details the critical requirements for an effective and efficient occupational health, safety and environmental management system. Implementing and maintaining the NOSA Five Star System Standard, enables Hydra-Arc to manage risks and improve both sustainability and business performance within the field of occupational health, safety and environmental management.

Benefits of achieving the NOSA Integrated Five Star System Standard:

  • Early identification of Health, safety and environmental impacts and risks.
  • The prioritising of Risks and addressing it in a systematic manner.
  • Enables all categories of staff to participate.
  • It is compatible with existing organisational management systems and standards.
  • Proven correlation between the incident frequency rate of a company and the NOSA Star Rating.
  • Improves commitment to health, safety and the environment that are as integral to operations as production and quality standards.
  • Provides for international benchmarking opportunities.
  • Could be incorporated into sustainable reporting.
  • Reflects perceptions as well as realities as built into corporate reputation.
  • Quantification of management system