5 Propylene storage bullets and 1 Depropaniser Stabilisation Drum was fabricated from carbon steel with a design pressure of 2 MPa and an operating pressure of 1.815 MPa. The Bullets had an MDMT (Minimum Design Metal Temperature) of -45°C and the Drum with a MDMT of 0°C.

Dimensions & Material:

6,000 mm ID with a total length of 59,090mm. A material thickness of 45 mm / 50 mm with a total weight of 446,459 kg.


Single piece post weld heat treatment of all vessels in Hydra Arc’s one-of-a-kind heat treatment furnace; measuring 60m in length.

5 Bullets manufactured at Hydra Arc’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Key Highlight:

This was the largest vessel fabrication project manufactured by a South African compnay.