Refinery Maintenance


Since its inception in 1987 Hydra Arc has lent its expertise and skilled artisans to various petro-chemical companies to perform refinery maintenance.


84 Gassifiers on the Sasol Plant which see regular successful maintenance. General Overhaul includes Gassifier jacket replacement, pressure vessel repair and replacement of Raw Gas Outlet Nozzles.

Mechanical maintenance is conducted on the Gassifiers. This includes mechanical maintenance as a turnkey service. Pressure tests are conducted once mechanical maintenance is complete.


17 years of experience in Gassifier jacket replacement, 70mm thick horizontal sub-arc welding employed  on sectional shell replacements. Record completion time improvement from 21 to 7 days general overhaul period.


Gas reformers on the Sasol Plant form part of the GHHER project. Gas reformers experience day-to-day maintenance. Tube and heat exchanger repairs done with special welding techniques. Special welding techniques used specifically to minimize heat treatment. Pressure testing done after completion of maintenance activities.

During shutdown period regular maintenance and replacement of valves.


17 Boilers currently on Sasol Plant which undergo continuous maintenance. General Overhaul includes; structural, tube refurbishment and burner repairs. Tube refurbishment includes; convection tubes, super heating tubes and sidewall tubes.